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November 10, 2021

Organize Screens into categories for Ad Buyers

On the screens page you may edit your individual screens to add tags which will separate them into categories in your store. This feature makes it easier for ad clients to select screens by type, venues, locations, or anything else you can think of. Find out what else you can do for your ad clients.

Screen Tags
Power on Power off

You can now set your screens to turn on and off at specific times. Visit the screen page and edit a screen to adjust the screen on time and the screen off time. Check out other ways you can manage your screens from anywhere.

Power Digital Screens On-Off with SKOOP Signage

Fade, Swipe, Flip… Fluid transitions are here! Don’t see a transition you like? Let us know so we can add it! You can add transitions to each playlist.

Transition between content on signage
Keep Track of Important Notes…

On the screen tab, you can leave notes where you edit your screens. Keep track of any screen details you want!

Spongebob asking Patrick to write that down

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