New Features

New Design Editor!

February 18, 2022

Templates and Design Editor

Design captivating content like a pro with our new and improved Content Design Studio! Create beautiful photos directly within the SKOOP App. Personalize photos with custom hashtag overlays, stickers, filters, and more. Or follow a consistent aesthetic using our customizable design templates and preset filters.

Access the image editor by selecting “New Design” in the Media Management Tab.

SKOOP - Photo Editor
Advanced Pricing & Custom Invoicing

You asked for it, and now it’s here! With Advanced Pricing, you can now set custom Ad rates for specific days or date ranges.

With the new Invoices feature, you can create custom invoices and proposals and send them directly to prospected Ad clients.

SKOOP Signage - Advanced Pricing & Custom Invoicing
Youtube Right on Your Screens!

You can now add Youtube videos directly to your playlist.

Select the Youtube icon in the playlist builder and paste the link to the video you would like to play.

Booking Platform Customization for Selling Ad Space

Customize the look and layout of your Booking Platform with your branding. You have the option to show and hide the map and tag features depending on your needs.

You can require advertisers to purchase a minimum or a maximum number of days when launching an ad campaign.

These new features can be found in your store builder. Select the pencil icon on the store you’d like to customize.

SKOOP - Booking Platform Customization

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