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Widgets For Digital Signage

November 3, 2022

Image Editor Widgets

Add widgets to any content in your playlist! Attach a youtube video, clock, timer, rss feed, or show the weather with your content for a more custom experience.

How to

From the Media Library, hover over the image you want to add a widget to > select Add/Edit Widget icon > add content of your choice from the left column > save.

Playlist Preview

Wonder no longer! See how your playlist will look in a preview window before you publish to your screens. View your playlist in real time at accurate aspect ratio, duration, and with your transitions.

You may also preview transitions when you select any content tumbnail image that is currently in your playlist.

How to

While viewing any playlist in your portal, click the, "Preview" button to get a look at what the playlist looks like on screen.

Duplicate Playlists

Need to make minor variations of an existing playlist? Don't waste time remaking it, just duplicate and make the changes. Especially useful for creating location or event specific variations.

How to

Select the duplicate button in the top right of any page, rename the playlist, and save. Your duplicated playlist will show up to the right in the playlist panel strip.

More Scheduling Options

Scheduling just keeps getting better. Get more specific with scheduling by date, day of the week, and time of day!

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